Wind in Tarifa blows mostly every day of the year. Best time to come windsurfing or kitesurfing is between February and October, there are also many days in winter most than many places in Europe.

There are two main wind directions in Tarifa: Poniente and Levante.

The Levante wind (easterly wind, coming from the Mediterranean sea) is the more powerful wind. In general this tarifa wind generate speeds between 5-8 Bft or 19 – 46 knots . When there is a Levante wind, there is a non stop wind during the day and night. This is caused by a Venturi effect due to the street of Gibraltar.

The Poniente wind (westerly wind, coming from the Atlantic ocean) is a more constant wind. In general this wind generate speeds between 3-5 Bft or 8 – 19 knts. During the summer months, the Poniente wind can create a thermal wind in the afternoon.

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